Come and See

Anthony’s Plot is incredibly fond of our volunteers and visitors!  We have seen how having folks come into the neighborhood to work or learn alongside of us is a mutually beneficial thing.   Our model for hosting is that we learn community best when we explore it during times walking and working together.   This model is summed up with the invitation to “Come and See.”


With a little preparation, volunteer opportunities are abundant.  Throughout the year, we have seasonal projects that we love having help with!  Take a look through the “Our Work” section of this website and think about where you or your group would like to be involved (or, check out the homepage slider, which will have the most up-to-date volunteer needs).

Additionally, we have major projects and regular work that won’t show up on this site.  In the past, this has included work in our community gardens, installing a free library and benches, harvesting and preserving food, etc.  If you want find out whether there are projects you or your group can lend their energy and skills to (the answer is always, “yes!”), send us an email.

You may have a group that would like to lend their particular gifts to our neighborhood, or who have a project idea to propose.  We have been blown away in the past at how these ideas have become homework help programs, home weatherization projects, landscaping jobs, and more!  Often, we can make good use of these contributions, but such a volunteer opportunity would need to be well planned with us ahead of time.


If you would like to visit with us, you are welcome to participate in our weekly Monday Neighborhood Meals.  These meals are held every Monday evening from 5:30pm-6:30pm, April through October.  The meal is followed by a smaller gathering of partners and guests who share in conversation and communion, which often lasts until 8pm.  Typically, drop-in visits are welcome during these times, but it is very helpful to send an email and give us a heads up.

Visits can also be scheduled at other times; email us with plenty of advance notice of when you would be interested in coming by.