Resources and Friends


Anthony's Plot chartered City with Dwellings in 2013 as a way to organize around the needs of the homeless in Winston-Salem.  The Winter Emergency Overflow Shelter is run by CwD from December 1st through March 31st.  CwD believes in a "community first" model - which means that in addition to homes, a supportive community is needed to end homelessness.
Founded by a friend who was active in City with Dwellings, The Dwelling was founded as a church to reach out to the homeless community in Winston-Salem, and bring them in to a place where they feel loved, and where they feel like they belong. In addition to their worship services, The Dwelling provides meals, showers, toiletries, and more to those who need it.
Although Anthony's Plot is ecumenical, it was founded by several Moravians and is considered an "affiliated ministry" of the Moravian Church.  The Board of Cooperative Ministries is our fiscal sponsor (provides ways for people to make donations) and provides spiritual support.
A ministry of Green Street UMC, the Shalom Project has one of the best free clinics in the city, as well as a food pantry, clothing closet, and free weekly fellowship meal.
greeNest is a ministry in Winston-Salem that provides furniture and other household needs at a low cost to those who were homeless and now getting housing.



"The CCDA is a network of Christians committed to seeing people and communities wholistically restored. We believe that God wants to restore us not only to right relationship with Himself but also with our own true selves, our families and our communities. Not just spiritually, but emotionally, physically, economically, and socially."
Founded by a close friend of ours, Tricklebee Cafe is a pay-what-you-can restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Their menu changes daily, relying on donations and local farmers for the majority of their food.
The Children's Defense Fund is the advocate of poor children throughout the country, and their primary program is "Freedom Schools," one of which is run by Anthony's Plot.
Beating Guns and RAWtools work together to take firearms and turn them into garden tools, in line with the prophecies given by Micah and Isaiah.  Anthony's Plot is a partner in their network of gun dismantlers who will take a gun, cut it apart to render it harmless, and send it in to be turned into a garden tool.


Other Communities

The Simple Way, located in Philadelphia, PA.
Bruderhof Communities are located in several states in the US, as well as in Australia, Germany, Paraguay, and the United Kingdom.
Koinonia Farm, located in Americus, GA.
The School for Conversion works with organizations and individuals to "unlearn habits of social division... by experimenting in a way of life that meets Jesus in the neighbor and the stranger, making surprising friendships possible."  The School for Conversion is located with Rutba House Community in Durham, NC.  
Haywood Street Church, located in Asheville, NC, is a church dedicated to reaching the area's homeless community. 
A resource for Christian Intentional Communities nationwide. Works to bring communities together for fellowship, seminars, and more. Site includes a map to Christian Intentional Communities in the US and the world.