Internships with AP

Anthonyʼs Plot is a residential and servant community grounded in the Liberation-Life that Jesus invites people into.  Through acts of hospitality and solidarity, our aim is to daily seek and work toward justice and reconciliation in ourselves, our home, our neighborhood, and our city.  We invite you to join us as an intern for a season of striving to grow as a servant in community.

Internships at Anthony’s Plot Community fall into two main areas: Project-based internships, and Community-based internships.  Project internships provide opportunities to work on a single area of service and leadership.  Typically, project-based internships are planned for a semester or less.  While residency is available in most cases, project-based internships are able to participate without staying in the neighborhood.  Every year, Anthony’s Plot searches for project interns to help with some of our annual needs:

  • Lead our Community Garden and Food Justice Initiatives
  • Serve as Site Coordinator for our summer Sunnyside Freedom School program
  • Work in Neighborhood Organizing/Event Planning

Community-based internships (also called “Learners”) provide opportunities for individuals to “try out” intentional community living.  These internships typically last two to twelve months, and are oriented around residential life at Anthony’s Plot Community.  Interns will get their own room at the house and will be part of the rhythms and responsibilities of being a resident, such as:

  • Assist with our Monday neighborhood meal (April-November)
  • Participate in leading house worship and common prayers
  • Join the AP partners on Thursday evenings for our community meal and planning meeting
  • Assist with Friday food delivery
  • On a daily basis, share in various aspects of our labor
  • Assist with neighborhood events, annual projects and programs
  • Help extend hospitality to visitors

“People must not only hear about the kingdom of God, but must see it in actual operation, on a small scale perhaps and in imperfect form, but a real demonstration nevertheless.” Pandita Ramabai