Hospitality and Aid

“Members of a community should pray for this gift of welcome… This gift is love, and love for the different and the unexpected.” +Jean Vanier

Sometimes life is in the interruptions.  This is not necessarily a lesson we are comfortable with, especially with so much happening regularly.  But in the knocks on the door from neighbors and strangers there is the call of Jesus to attend to the most important thing: care for a fellow human being.

From the very beginning, Anthony’s Plot understood it had a sacred responsibility to welcome the stranger into our home; from the very beginning, the “stranger” has shown up!  We welcome folks who are displaced and homeless, traveling and seeking refuge to stay for a night.  Sometimes, these nights have turned into months and years, as relationships grew.  In fact, some of our long-term partners and friends are persons who came to us in this very way.

Our doors are open for neighbors and others who need guidance and assistance.  We stop everything we are doing to listen to them share of housing crises, immigration fears, financial difficulties, and smaller requests such as transportation, lawnmower repair, or some of the leftovers from our Monday meals!  We even created a Resource Directory from all of the phone calls we made over the years to connect people with assistance.

We understand at our core that if we ever stop opening our door, our homes, our hearts to the person knocking, that we will cease to be the intentional community we call ourselves.  It is the most radical act we have within us, and it is where we very often meet Christ.