Las Posadas (The Inns)

Las Posadas is an Advent celebration in Mexico that lasts for 9 nights, signifying the 9 months that Mary was pregnant.  At Anthony's Plot, however, we sort of squish it all into 1 night.  We select a "Maria y Jose" to lead us on our journey.  The crowd that has gathered follows them while singing carols and carrying lanterns - led by a Moravian brass band!  At some homes, we stop and sing the traditional Las Posadas song with our Hispanic neighbors (who grew up singing it).  Then we continue marching and caroling through the streets, our numbers growing with every block.  We conclude our journey with a final stop at Anthony's Plot, where Maria y Jose are welcomed in.

Well, actually they are welcomed next door... where we have a big fiesta!  There is a feast of delicious foods prepared, activities for the kids, live music and singing for everyone.  At the end, we have a visit from the three kings who receive gift wishes from the kids; they return with gifts on Epiphany!  Let us know if you want to volunteer or simply want to join the party!

Las Posadas will be held on December 13th this year, starting at 5:30 pm.  Volunteer sign ups will be available in December!

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