A Winter-ish Update!

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February 20, 2017

We’ve had a very busy winter this year!  As usual, we are heavily involved in the City With Dwellings Winter Emergency Overflow Shelter.  And despite the unseasonably warm weather, we have a little over a month left with the shelter, and could definitely use your help!  Click the link to sign up to volunteer or donate.

Second, we’re preparing for a new arrival in the house VERY soon!  Most of you know that Russ and Rebecca are expecting a little one at the beginning of March.  We’re anxiously awaiting for his/her arrival!  But the house needs a lot of work to accommodate a baby.  Therefore, the house will soon be going through a lot of repair.  Please be patient with us as we may not always be able to answer the door or welcome visitors!  Please contact us to make sure we’re available before stopping by, or to set up a time to meet.  You’re always welcome to inquire about us coming to visit your organization to talk to everyone about what we do, too!

Finally, some things to put on your radar for the spring:
1 – Children’s Day/Book Day (El Dia de los Ninos/El Dia de los Libros) will be celebrated on May 1st.  This will also be the kickoff for our Monday Meals this year.  We will have dinner for everyone in the neighborhood, and then the children (all ages through high school seniors) will come to Trinity Moravian’s Fellowship Hall for entertainment, crafts, and free books.  It’s always a LOAD of fun!
2- As stated, our Monday Meals will begin as well on May 1st.  We love these meals as a chance to fellowship with our neighbors through the warmer months.  Last year, we began asking groups to provide the food so that we could spend more time reaching out to our neighbors.  It worked out so great, and so we are asking for help again this year.  Feel free to go ahead and check out our sign up page by clicking HERE.

Well, that’s about it!  We hope everyone has been enjoying the warm, beautiful weather we’ve had lately.  And thank you for your continued prayers and support!



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