Intern with Anthony’s Plot

Being an Anthonyʼs Plot Intern is an opportunity for focused involvement in the work of redemptive justice and reconciliation.

Please read thoroughly, then submit your application below.

Anthonyʼs Plot is a residential and servant community grounded in the Life that Jesus announced as liberation from that which binds us and freedom to share Godʼs goodness. Our community has covenanted to grow into this Life and share it with one another in our day-to-day living. Together, we discover the strength of being peacemakers, the light in others which seems to shine even more brightly when it binds us across profound diversities, the heart of God for the poor and oppressed, and the joy of celebrating resurrection in individuals and neighborhood. Through acts of hospitality and solidarity, our (often stumbling!) intention is to regularly pray and work toward justice and reconciliation which bear witness to the Kingdom of God.

Anthonyʼs Plot is centered on relationships, which are pretty diverse and extended. A core expression is our household, where we practice the rhythms of community life: forgiveness, welcome, common meals, funds and chores. The folks who live in the house come from various walks of life and have made commitments to one another and to our vision of justice and reconciliation. “Covenantal partners” have made the same significant commitments to a common life as members of the household, but do not share residency. Other friends and “coworkers” join us in our gatherings. And we are deeply rooted in relationship with our neighbors and our homeless brothers and sisters – who have gone from being as strangers to friends to family.

We express our servanthood in three primary areas. We are committed to fellowship and prayer, discernment and confession with our household and partners. We are committed to actions of advocacy and compassion alongside friends in the city who are homeless and hungry. And we are committed to seeking and celebrating the good Life with our diverse neighbors. In all our work, we are aware that there are some terrible wrongs that exist in our world and in our own backyard, but we have become bold in the face of these wrongs because we are aware of Christʼs presence and the ear of God which leans to the poor.

We invite you to join us for a season of striving to grow as a servant in community.

“People must not only hear about the kingdom of God, but must see it in actual operation, on a small scale perhaps and in imperfect form, but a real demonstration nevertheless.” Pandita Ramabai

“If the barriers that divide humanity, and cause wars, race conflict, economic competition, class struggles, labor disputes are ever to be broken down, they must be broken down in small groups of people living side by side, who plan consciously and deliberately to find a way wherein they can all contribute to the Kingdom according to their abilities.” Martin England

Residential Interns

Term: Suggested Intern length of stay is between two months to six months. We will consider shorter stays, usually in the case of students between semesters.

Focus: Interns are devoting a period of time to assist our community with a directed aspect of our labor. We are looking for individuals who are self-motivated and have a servant-heart. (When you fill out the application, make sure to include skills and gifts you feel comfortable sharing with our community during your term.)

Expectations: Interns are expected to work with a Covenantal Partner to develop a program, organize a project, or deepen relationships with our neighbors and friends. Interns also participate in most of the community rhythms and events. We ask Interns to live at modest means while a resident; Interns may tithe to our community if they choose, but do not need to contribute to the Common Fund.

Rhythms and Responsibilities

  • Assist with Monday preparations for our neighborhood meal (during warm months)
  • We gather on Monday evenings for our neighborhood meal and house worship
  • Residents participate in our house meals on Tuesday evenings
  • We gather as a community on Thursday evenings for our community meal and planning meeting
  • On Fridays, the house recognizes a sabbath-time for personal growth; residents are asked to use this time for study.
  • Assist with Friday food delivery and distribution
  • Help with Saturday chores and house work projects (Residential Interns only)
  • Residents are expected to participate with a worshiping community.
  • On a daily basis, residents are ready to share in various aspects of our labor: neighborhood organizing, transportation needs, maintaining the garden, etc.
  • On a weekly basis, residents are ready to participate in monthly/seasonal events: neighborhood events, annual projects and programs, etc.
  • Residents are hosts and extend hospitality to visitors through their time and attention. (All interns while on property)