As a community, we strive to identify with the poor and disenfranchised through our living and our work, to be intentional about bearing witness to Jesus and the interdependency of Christian community, to provide occasions for people to grow in faith and serve together, and to close the disparities between churches and our struggling communities relationally and tangibly through committed Christ-like actions.

There are a few things that our community feels are important for us to keep in the forefront of our hearts and minds: meeting the ongoing physical and human needs of our neighbors; community organizing and development; cultural enhancement via the arts, music, landscaping, etc; social ministry and activism for the needs of the poor; prayer and spiritual care; and the sustained commitment to one another as an ongoing community of faith.

Looking around our city, we have become sensitive to some more specific matters: issues surrounding immigration and race/culture relations; local arts programs; educational assistance and skill development; poverty and assistance responses; housing; health care, counsel, and visitation; bearing witness to a way of life that is full of good news and inviting people to grow with us in that life.

Too often, if our community is honest with itself, we allow these things to go unnoticed all around us; but we are really trying to become more and more consistent and faithful with these attitudes and insights, and we are grateful for God’s forgiveness that lets us seek them with passion anew every day. Its a different direction for many of us, but more and more we find ourselves drawn to this ridiculously-beautiful Way.